IT Solutions for Law Firms

Give Your Clients the Best

Boost Your Capabilities

IT Solutions for Law Firms

Give Your Clients the Best

Boost Your Capabilities
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Stay On Top of Your Cases

Delivering favorable verdicts for your clients often requires work outside the 9-to-5 schedule. Our cloud-based VoIP and Microsoft Office 365 solutions give you the tools to be productive anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Receive calls to your mobile devices without handing out your personal number with VoIP’s advanced call forwarding features. You can also access, edit and share documents easily and securely through your Office 365 account. When your clients are facing high stakes, you want to give them everything you’ve got – our IT solutions for law firms make it easier.

Our IT Solutions for Law Firms Give You:

  • Flexibility to work outside the office
  • Instant access to important documents
  • Secure data backups to the cloud
  • Protection for your mobile devices

Embed Security into Your Processes

Keeping the thousands of files you need for your cases – like witness statements, legal records and notes for court appearances – secure and organized can seem impossible. Our IT solutions for law firms include comprehensive backup and disaster recovery to protect you from losing data to cyberattacks, natural disasters, equipment failure or user error. We back up your data to the cloud regularly and give you the ability to retrieve it within minutes. Putting backup procedures into place also helps you to free up space on your computers and servers while preserving copies of important data for later use. While a data loss incident is virtually unavoidable for businesses, we give you peace of mind that your valuable documents and other files are only a click away.

Blue Tree Technology believes that level of security should extend beyond the office. Logging into your corporate network from your laptop or mobile device can be convenient, but handling sensitive information over an unsecure connection makes you especially vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. Blue Tree Technology deploys proven Sophos endpoint security software to keep your devices as secure as your desktop for high-level flexibility without the sacrifice.

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