IT Solutions for Small Business

Grow with Powerful Tech Services

Build Your Business

IT Solutions for Small Business

Grow with Powerful Tech Services

Build Your Business
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Make Investments that Make Sense

As a small business owner, you don’t have the resources to waste on IT decisions that don’t pan out. Neglecting to make any technology changes is dangerous too, pushing you behind your competition and hampering your ability to grow sustainably. Blue Tree Technology’s IT solutions for small business help you make smarter decisions and implement more successful projects to expand your small business. We learn your vision for the future and recommend purchases that fit your goals and deliver a high return on investment. This allows you to grow without the risk of buying big-ticket equipment or fancy software that doesn’t make an impact on your business.

Our IT Solutions for Small Business Give You:

  • Guidance for IT investments
  • Security against cyber threats
  • Help to meet financial regulations
  • 24/7 help desk response

Protect Your Infrastructure and Reputation

Small businesses are just as much of a target for cyberattacks as enterprise companies, but they typically lack the resources to combat a wide variety of threats. Our IT solutions for small business include computer and network security to protect your equipment from viruses, malware, data breaches and more. A malicious cyberattack can cause extended downtime that hurts your ability to serve customers and damages your relationship when data is compromised, especially if your customers believe that you’ve been lax with their information. Our security solutions prevent that outcome by leveraging the same security measures that big companies use to protect your small business.

Additionally, failing to shield sensitive data – such as customers’ credit card information – can put you at risk for noncompliance with federal regulations like SOX. Noncompliance carries steep fines, a damaged public reputation and potential legal issues. Blue Tree Technology’s small business IT solutions lock down your data through best-in-class software and 24/7 monitoring to keep you well within the boundaries of compliance.

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