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If your employees, customers or suppliers don’t all reside in the same area as your business, it can be difficult to communicate as one team. Blue Tree Technology’s VoIP phone system bridges the gap with high-quality, high-availability audio and video calling. Dropping client calls or cutting out because of a weak signal causes damage to your professional reputation. Our Internet-based solution maximizes the uptime of your phone system and provides a crystal-clear connection that isn’t dependent on your legacy hardware. For the times you can’t be at your desk to receive a critical call or join a meeting, we offer call forwarding to your smartphone, tablet or laptop for a flexible work environment.

Our VoIP Phone System Gives You:

  • A clear, reliable connection
  • Lower phone system expenses
  • Sharp, no-lag video calling
  • Forwarding to mobile devices

Manage Your Phone System Costs

It’s frustrating to pay more and more just to keep your outdated system alive. New employees mean new equipment and new lines to accommodate them. Before you realize it, your phone system is a jumbled mess of wires and aging hardware. Clear out the clutter with a streamlined VoIP phone system. Our VoIP solutions eliminate the cost of buying, installing, maintaining and adding to your phone system infrastructure. The cloud-based calling system works over your Internet connection and can be accessed through your desktop phone, computer or mobile device.

With advanced features like call recording and multi-party conference calling, you get more from your phone system with less investment. Adding new users takes minutes and doesn’t require any additional hardware, so you can scale easily depending on your business needs. Our VoIP phone system services come at a flat, dependable monthly cost that helps you budget for IT expenses accurately. And, if you encounter a problem with your system, we’ll treat the issue remotely or on-premises to minimize your downtime and keep you moving forward.

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