Server and Network Management

Lay the Groundwork for Great Results

Build Your Foundation

Server and Network Management

Lay the Groundwork for Great Results

Build Your Foundation
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Boost Your Technology’s Performance

Your server and network management are the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Don’t believe us? Try running an expensive new program on overloaded servers. Blue Tree Technology keeps your servers running at peak performance, no matter what you throw at them. We optimize your existing servers and network by treating any deteriorating elements and recommending the right hardware for your business. Our technicians continually inspect your systems to identify potential issues and deploy software patches and upgrades as soon as they’re available to protect and strengthen your equipment.

Our Server and Network Management Gives You:

  • A strong foundation for your technology 
  • Hassle-free infrastructure maintenance
  • Equipment lifecycle recommendations 
  • Up-to-date upgrades and patches

Fortify Your Business Infrastructure

When you have supplies to order, calls to return and clients waiting, the last thing you want is to drop everything to fix a technology problem. Even finding the source of the problem takes valuable time out of your day. An hour of downtime can cost your business thousands of dollars, which is why we’re so passionate about preventative maintenance. Much like taking care of your car, regularly devoting time to your infrastructure combats normal wear and tear while minimizing the chances of a catastrophic breakdown.

To avoid disrupting your team and customers, we conduct maintenance remotely or after-hours whenever possible – that’s one perk of service that’s proactive instead of reactive. We also carefully assess the lifecycle of your server and network hardware to ensure that you’re upgrading at exactly the right time to get the most reliable performance for the lowest cost. Simply put, you focus on high-level tasks, like server and network management, that grow your business and make your clients happy, while we handle the routine technology tasks that make it all possible.

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