Computer and Network Security

Holistic Protection for Your Hardware

Block Cyber Threats

Computer and Network Security

Holistic Protection for Your Hardware

Block Cyber Threats
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Protect Your Infrastructure Investments

Your computers and network are the first targets for hackers. They store sensitive data, are often protected by weak (or nonexistent) passwords, and with a few strokes, a cyber criminal can use ransomware to hold your systems hostage. Off-the-shelf security software isn’t enough to protect a business from sophisticated cyber threats. Blue Tree Technology uses a combination of expert 24/7 monitoring and industry-leading computer and network security software to block viruses, malware and other malicious programs. When we spot a potential threat, our technicians take immediate action to mitigate the threat and put safeguards in place to avoid the same kind of attack from happening again.

Our Computer and Network Security Gives You:

  • Regular testing for vulnerabilities
  • Automatic updates and patching
  • A better understanding of security
  • Peace of mind around the clock

Include Defense in Your Strategy

By the time you face a cyber attack, the damage is already done. Blue Tree Technology takes a proactive approach to computer and network security, preparing your systems for both well-known and emerging cyber threats. Did you know that hundreds of millions of new pieces of malware are created every year? The companies behind your favorite software applications do, and they constantly release new patches and updates to combat these attacks. Keeping track of every new version of each application can be time-consuming and confusing, so we automate the process to keep you secure without all the hassle.

We don’t just say your network is secure – we prove it. Our technicians regularly attempt to breach your network to find weaknesses and fix them before they’re exploited by someone who will actually do damage. Don’t wait for a cyber criminal to wreck your systems and bring your business to a halt – Blue Tree Technology strengthens your computers and network against catastrophic threats.

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