Email Security Solutions

Communication Without the Junk

Streamline Your Email

Email Security Solutions

Communication Without the Junk

Streamline Your Email
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Connect With Your Team, Not Hackers

Everyone knows they shouldn’t click on suspicious links in their email – but with email-based cyberattacks becoming increasingly more sophisticated, your employees are faced with threats they may not realize are threats. Dangerous phishing emails can appear to come from someone your team knows, possibly even a high-level executive. Spam emails often look similarly legitimate, tempting users into clicking on a link or downloading a file that gives cyber criminals open access to your sensitive data and systems. Blue Tree Technology stops threats with email security solutions that filter out the danger and leave your mission-critical communication intact.

Our Email Security Solutions Give You:

  • Tools to eliminate spam and phishing
  • Education on secure email practices
  • An expert look at suspicious messages
  • The benefits of email without the risks

Catch Threats Before They Reach Employees

The most advanced software and security monitoring fall short if your employees are unwittingly inviting cybercriminals into your business. Our email security solutions combine proactive anti-spam, antivirus and anti-malware programs with strong firewalls to filter out the majority of suspicious messages before they arrive in anyone’s inbox. We also educate your employees to recognize potential threats and take appropriate action. If you’re not sure whether a message is legitimate or not, Blue Tree Technology’s experts will provide a second opinion to keep you protected without sacrificing any business opportunities.

For highly sensitive information transmitted via email, we support email encryption. This enables you to convert plain text into cipher text that is only readable to recipients with the correct key. You can use this setting for some or all of your outgoing mail. Email is an indispensable part of your collaboration with your team, clients, vendors and more – get the benefits of smart, simple communication without the dangers.

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