Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

Advanced Tools for Superior Protection

Enhance Your Security

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

Advanced Tools for Superior Protection

Enhance Your Security
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Protect Your Weakest Links

Even if you have the most advanced security software available to defend your computers and network, you might still be leaving out crucial elements – endpoints like your laptop or mobile devices. Unprotected endpoints give cyber criminals an easy in to your network, and with more and more employees using mobile devices to manage sensitive company data, the number of endpoints is growing dramatically. Blue Tree Technology deploys Sophos endpoint security and control to keep your network safe from every angle. Sophos combines traditional defense tactics with next-generation security techniques to combat a wide variety of attacks. We combine their top-rated software with our expert internal support to give your business unparalleled threat protection.

Our Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Gives You:

  • Advanced, built-in machine learning
  • Powerful protection against malware
  • Intelligence sharing in real time
  • Greater operational flexibility

Improve Your Incident Response

Hackers are continually developing more complex and sophisticated attacks to launch against businesses like yours. How can you defend against a threat no one has seen before? Sophos Intercept X leverages a deep learning neural network, an advanced form of machine learning that detects known and unknown malware programs. Intercept X blocks the techniques cyber criminals use to spread malware, steal credentials and escape detection. Your endpoint defense performs better and becomes smarter over time. This built-in intelligence helps you deflect attacks without hiring more employees to handle the load.

Our Sophos endpoint security and control services offer industry-leading protection against ransomware and malware. Intercept X goes beyond removing malware files, scrubbing any effects of the malware from your systems. It automatically isolates infected computers, so the malicious programs don’t spread, and shares threat intelligence in real time between your endpoints and firewall. Blue Tree Technology sets up your endpoint solution for seamless implementation and optimized results – allowing your employees to use their devices securely.

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