What does Advanced Security Look like to our customers. 

In late 2021 there was a new vulnerability that was gaining traction and moving quickly across the Internet.  That vulnerability was Log4j.  You can read more about it here from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) website.  Although our vendor had patched for this vulnerability, we had a client that was affected.  The video below and white paper to the right will go into detail on how our MDR and EDR software Huntress Labs found a threat actor was working on taking over the servers for this client.

We then got a call at 3 am...

Well, I can't explain it better than how the video and white paper does.  This is how modern Advanced Security is supposed to work.

Why do you need Advanced Cyber Security?

  • You need a solution that is looking at emerging threats.
  • You need a solution that will weed out the noise.
  • Your solution should give you peace of mind.
  • The compliance you are required to abide by requires it.
  • Most cyber insurance policies require it.
  • Your vendors may require it.
  • Your customers will thank you for protecting their data.
  • Cyber security is significantly cheaper than the price to remediate a breach.  Read more HERE from the CISA website.